Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This is a yearly tradition.

IIIIIII have been drinking whiskey with ginger grated into it, and I am a leetle bit drunk.  And it is the day before Thanksgiving, which means it's time to list up the things that can go right to hell.  TOmorrow will be the warm fuzzy list.

The fact that Blogger doesn't seem to remember who I am following, and constantly drops blogs from my feed, does this happen to anyone else?
Vet bills
Doggy lupus
Doggy pancreatitis
Cat diabetes
Cat shit
Cat arthritis
The sore throat I am brewing
Not being able to sleep in
Firefly getting cancelled all those years ago
The smell coming off the panels I painted in the garage yesterday
The scar on my neck
Dry cuticles
socks with blown-out heels
no cake
clogged drains
lawn that needs mowing
entitled little bastarcd children
their entitled bastard parents
being destitute
stains on the carpet
assholes in the parking lot
sinus problems
skin problems
hair that is falling out for no good reason
poor cell reception
bicyclists who seem unaware that they have to follow traffic rules too
exercise induced athsma (fuck it, how is that shit spelled?)
slow processors
Hollywood hasn't had an original idea in eons
my pants are falling apart
people who keep leaving fliers on my porch
people who don't understand that "NO SOLICITORS" applies to them
the price of gasoline
folding laundry
doing dishes
leaf blowers
people who beat up fans of rival sports teams
people who beat up other people in general
hidden cilantro
my cherry allergy
my sheep/goat allergy
all my goddamn allergies
rat tumors
rat short lifespans
rat pee everywhere
the bank parking lot
most politicians
people being dicks to each other
trainwreck dates
lack of dates in general
the clogged drain
whatever is making that clanging sound outside, is that from an airplane?  Airplanes should not make that noise.
Okay, I think I'm done now.  I will write happy shit tomorrpow.

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