Tuesday, November 8, 2011

THAT'S what that lyric said!

I, like most people, mishear lyrics all the time.  Part of my problem is that I can't really understand people unless I'm watching their mouths when they speak.  I don't have a hearing problem, people just don't speak very clearly (myself included).  

I have been a fan of "Labyrinth" since forever.

I even understood what the little goblins under the brick on the path said.  "Your mother was a fraggety aardvark" is one of my favorite insults.

Today, it suddenly occurred to me what Jareth sings in the Escher maze.

20+ years, people.  20+ years, all I heard was "youstarreneeressussmee."  Never thought to look it up.   Sang along with it a few times.

You. Starve. And. Near. Exhaust. Me.

Jeez, that makes so much more sense.

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