Thursday, November 24, 2011

The other yearly tradition.

A partial list of warm fuzzy cuddly platitudes, GO.
The fact that most of yesterday's list was composed of first-world problems.
Clean drinking water.
Abundant calories for me and my beasts.
Competent vets.
Gypsy hasn't done anything truly unpleasant in a long while.
The dog is better.
Those who protect and serve (most cops I know are good folks).
People who think shit through before deciding to procreate.
People who raise their kids properly.
The Toaster, even if it's getting more expensive to drive.
Fusible interfacing and zigzag stitching.
Free dental care.
A Roommate who puts up with all sorts of bizarre things.
Family who will throw me a life ring.
Friends who understand that I'm never coming from a malicious place, I'm just socially incompetent.
I'm employed, and I do not have many unpleasant tasks to perform at that job.
My bicycle.
My safe neighborhood.
My short commute.
The military and their families who loan them to us.
A very select few politicians.
Glorious internet foolery.
My dark, dark bedroom.
My roof, and all the termites holding it together.
Sudafed, Benadryl, and nasal spray.
Mortuary professionals.
(insert profession here)
Bill in the Midwest who sells me purple carpet-cleaning bacteria.
The fact that I can say "XYZ Political Leader is an idiot and a crook" and not get shot in the face for it.
The fact that I can say "I don't believe in XYZ Religious Doctrine" and not be burned at the stake for it.
Sharpie markers.
Outlets for my ranting.
My proximity to various types of ecosystems.
The goblin that returned my earring.

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