Sunday, October 16, 2011

Festive Attire

We have a pumpkin patch every year at my work.  It's a big ole thing, and this year I was the "grill manager."  Mostly, I was in charge of condiments and getting coworkers plates of food.  I am an apron kind of girl, so last year I made myself a festive vintage-style apron to wear at this event.
Here is what it looks like laid out on my office floor.  The original pattern had scallops that made it look very round and bubbly, but I decided to invert the scallops to make batwing shapes.  That should be easy, right?


There was a lot of math involved, and many paper mockups to make sure the proportions were right.  Let's not even get into what a pain in the ass it is to put seam tape on the edge of a batwing.  This is over and above the usual "I'm 5'11" and not rail-thin" pattern alterations that I had to make.

Whatever, it's still cute as hell.  Spiderwebs!  And this pin makes me ridiculously happy.

My socks are black with purple stripes, and each stripe has a lime-green spider on it.  EEEE!

I will state that I do not generally wear my hair down.  It is usually in two buns on top of my head, and today there were orange and purple flowers wrapped around each one.  The outfit, minus the apron, is fully typical.  It's sort of my uniform- long black skirt, black shirt, striped socks.

A kid said "you're dressed like a witch."
I replied, "No, I'm a witch and I'm dressed."


  1. That apron is incredible and well worth all of the work you did! VERY adorable. hehehe ... I like your comment to the kid. I have to remember that one. :)

  2. That is indeed cute as hell! I also would have guessed it would be completely easy to do, but oh well. The pin is a perfect match too.

  3. That's the most awesome apron I've ever seen. :)

  4. @Le Professeur- It just popped out. Usually I stay in an unlocked broom closet. The kid just looked at me funny. I'm not sure he got it.

    @Sabayon- I was horrified at how difficult it was. Halfway through, I started going through old costuming books just to make sure that yes, I did know what the hell I was doing, and that I was not losing my mind.

    @Bane- Thanks! The $3 sale fabric was a bonus.

  5. Love the apron! I absolutely want one, too.

  6. It's the bestest apron I've ever seen in my life!

    “I'm a witch and I'm dressed.” Priceless. :D

  7. what an awesome apron!!! :D
    I love that it looks so "batty" :D