Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rattus norvegicus

Today, I picked up two new "coworkers."

Lina is a pink-eyed white.  She is fat, and cannot see very well, and will lick your teeth if you smile when she's sniffing your face.

Ingrid is an agouti hooded.  She is much smaller than Lina, and has tried to groom my eyebrows already.

Both of them are ridiculously adorable, and they both seem to think that carrots are fantastic.  Neither of them were too interested in having their photos taken.  These are the least blurry shots I could get with my phone.

Lina is busy stuffing shredded junk mail into their sleeping box.  Ingrid is trying to figure out how to run laps around the cage.

Tomorrow, I will make them a pink plastic sleeping box to match their pink hammock and pink feeder dishes.

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