Monday, September 12, 2011

Distracting myself from the cat's issues

I am very enthusiastic about Halloween.  This is the first one in 10 years that I've been living in a place where the dominant decorating scheme hasn't been red and green.  It's pink and green, and it's easy to hide the pink with black.  LET THE HAUNTING BEGIN!
Pink chair?  Mummified chair.  Scarab pillow to come.

Chest covered in Japanese antiques?  Chest covered in Spooky Things, including a glass skull, a few crystal balls, and a real spiderweb (it's the black oval thing on the right).

Tasteful floral arrangement?  How about a phrenology head in a mask and a goblin gazing into a crystal ball?

Here's the goblin.  His name is Derp.  I made him last summer at a sculpting workshop put on by the Frouds.  Yeah, those Frouds.

The curtains are about halfway done, using GothItYourself's no-show curtain technique (STILL GENIUS), and I have to get some upholstery pins to cover the other two pink chairs.  The couch is lavender-grey, and I have to do something to replace a very large Japanese painting full of pink peonies. I have a black canvas with the visible night sky painted on it, but I don't know if it's going to be big enough to fill the space.  I suppose I could paint two long skinny canvasses to flank it...  bats, perhaps?

Bats are ALWAYS appropriate.

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