Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gloom Lifting

My gloom at being aloooooooone is lifting.  I don't know what came over me the other day- could have been hormones, could have been stress.  I feel better.

Halloween is 3 months away.  I am planning to change out everything in my living room to reflect the holiday, come mid September.  The pink decor will be hidden away, and replaced with greys, purples, blacks, and greens.  I'm even changing out the art.  The pink chairs will be slipcovered.  The gloom will settle on the room like mist.

My only problem?  The lamps.  The lamps are all shades of pink.  I am not changing out the lamps.

I wonder if it's possible to cover the lamps with the legs of black tights?  Keep the shape, change the color. I doubt that most people have ever considered putting tights on a lamp before.  Well, outside of "A Christmas Story."

I am also at a point where I realize that I should be doing some sort of exercise and muscle building.  I do not want to do this thing, but I am painfully, perilously weak.  I have no upper body strength, and that is not good.  I am not good at delayed gratification, and exercise and weightlifting are very much a delayed gratification sort of thing.  I don't get runner's highs.  I just get sweaty and sore.  Last time I did a workout video, I couldn't cough for a week straight.  It was a ten minute ab routine.  Ten minutes.  Oy vey.

Rode my bike to go get frozen yogurt.  I like riding the bike.  Burns almost no calories, but hey, this ain't the Tour de France.

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