Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My love affair

On the Saturday before Memorial Day, I met the new love of my life.
"Ghost" is a Gazelle Basic 3-speed, from Holland.  She is far more beautiful than a bike should be.

I use her to ride to work, so she needed a crate to carry things.  A few flowers never hurt anyone, either. She already weighs a ton, what's a few more ounces for flowers?

Okay, maybe a LOT of flowers.  Sometimes I go overboard with things, and Ghost is no exception.  Because I bought the soberest, most BH&G-approved color possible (Rembrandt White is the least definite color ever), I strapped as many fake wisterias to her as I could.  She's really quite a sight to behold.

In Autumn, I will replace her wisteria finery with leaves and miniature fake gourds.  My small, clip-on raven may or may not ride on the handlebars.

Ghost's headlight does not appear to be working.  It is powered by a dynamo in the front wheel, so it never needs batteries, but it also means I have to be riding the bike to establish if the light is functioning.  I am wary of riding up and down a dark street, attempting to lean over my handlebars to see if a light is working.  The taillight works, but it's battery-operated.

When I ride her to work, the only thought that goes through my head is
I love this bike
I love this bike
I love this bike

This weekend, I plan to ride her all around the neighborhood to see what local eateries and shops have bike racks.   

I adore my Honda Element (it's lime green, it makes up for the sober adult color of my bike), but it's just not nearly as fun to travel in a box.  You miss all sorts of things.

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